Sweet dreams

Amazing how comforting it is to hear words of solace from friends. I've been having a nervous stomach and even weird dreams about the wedding. A friend just sent a note to remind me of all I have to look forward to beyond the wedding day:

"The relationship you are nurturing is lifelong. This idea comforts me. There will be mistakes made, feelings hurt, egos crushed, dreams modified and expanded, things burnt, lost, sold, or broken, kids screaming, moving and shaking and growing and crying and great feats of strength and accomplishment. And your spouse must be accepting of it all. And if he is willing to join you for the ride, the reward is witnessing the growth and being able to appreciate it. And if he is not, well, you can still call me. You are a strong, wonderous lady. I hope that being married is just a bonus to what is Sarah Preuschl is, not everything, nor definitive. I'm excited to see what you two accomplish as a unit -- what your creativity, brains, devastating good looks, and dreams combined can bring to the world (besides obviously children). I hope that inspires good dreams!"

Wow. What an incredible note of encouragement! So poignant and honest, and such a gift.

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