Monday Moment: Thankful

Driving to work today, I thought about where we were this time last year. I remembered the feelings that surrounded Thanksgiving week of 2008. I felt compelled to "re-post" this bit from the archives. It's fitting, I think, as we enter another holiday season, to remember how blessed and loved we are. And to say "thank you, thank you, thank you" to all who love us and bless us with their many gifts -- material and spiritual.

From 12.02.08:

I adore Thanksgiving as a holiday. It is a day and time void of pretenses and expectations, designed to remind each of us of the many blessings we enjoy every day. This year, my mom's side of the family descended on my parents' home from all parts of the country -- Florida, Illinois, Wisconsin, California -- to celebrate. And this year, especially, I was touched by so many precious and wonderful moments. I felt so much love, warmth, and genuine gratitude.

Our first bridal shower, held on Saturday, moved me to tears. It is difficult to explain what it feels like to be showered with beautiful and generous gifts simply because you are happy and in love. My neighbors Marty and Sue prepared a gorgeous brunch. Anna and Emma dutifully made ribbon bouquets and recorded gifts. We all laughed and the group watched as I opened beautiful package after beautiful package. (Above, I am demonstrating the wonders of OXO pop containers... "oooh" ... "ahhh") It was overwhelming.

Unpacking everything on Sunday, the gifts seemed to "fill" up the house. Through this process of planning and showers and gift-giving, the people we love and who love us are building our home. The coffee pots and wine glasses and throw blankets and baskets are daily reminders of those who grew us into the family we are now and will support us in the family we become.

Thank you. My cup runneth over.


Operation kitchen: Progress!

We're making progress. The goal is to have a finished kitchen for Thanksgiving! We just have a few things to finish (notice the one white drawer and the missing sink panels ... wink, wink). And once we're done, I'll post a complete before and after extravaganza. For now, I thought this sneak peek would suffice. TGIF!


Sesame Street: On Marriage

This is so sweet. It was posted by another blogger today. When you think about it, marriage is "a lot...hugging and kissing and helping each other." (Insert wide smile here.)

Since I've been on a little hiatus, I thought this might be a good segue into more deep discussions on marriage, maybe a return of the monday moment, and potentially more tales from the kitchen (which is where I've been these last two weeks...we're getting close!)



Today, Nov. 2, we've been married six months. I think that together we've experienced nearly every emotion possible over the course of those months -- elation, hilarity, fear, disappointment, contentment, frustration, and grief. What a ride, this marriage thing! Six months may not be a major milestone, but we celebrated with a candlelight picnic of yummy finger foods in our living room last night, leaning on each other with eyes closed as our reception dinner music played. And we made a pact: celebrate "us" often.