Nothing like best friends to sweep away doubt and help you clinch a final decision. Ladies and gentlemen, we have a color scheme! In a complete departure from my original thoughts... I am thrilled to say we're going with navy, coral/oranges, and chartreuse accents (see photo). With the dress, the venue, and the colors in place I can really start to "see" us on that day. Crazy.


Instant replay

Hands down, the happiest hours of my life so far were on the day Patrick proposed. I've been replaying that December evening a lot lately during my commute to and from work, trying to bottle up that pure-joy feeling so that I never forget the look in his eyes, my trembling legs and hands, his sweet and simple words, the uncontrollable tears both of us cried. I want to remember, always, the cheers from our families and the glow our being engaged cast on our relationship and on our lives in general.

So many cherished memories are joyful because, over time, they've been whitewashed by nostalgia to become flawless. I wondered if that floating feeling was just something I created for myself. But a recently married friend of mine says she still thinks about her engagement night in the same way--perfect. It's less about reliving the past than it is about keeping that joy alive. Now Patrick and I see each other every day. To me, that makes it even more important to spend a few minutes each morning reflecting on the best "yes" of my life.


In search of perfection

A recipe for indecision: Combine pages and pages of dress styles, 10,000 "knotpicks," and hundreds of magazine spreads and Web pages about wedding style. Toss with phrases such as "your big day" and "a day you've always dreamed about." Gently add nervous, excited, happy bride-to-be. Set to endless spin cycle for a few months.

Decisions were never my thing to begin with. Color is my current wedding nemesis. I just simply cannot decide. Chartreuse or olive green? Navy? What about firecracker red? Or a yellowy orange? Since my sisters are in search of maid attire, I have really been feeling the pressure to pick already.

And then today I read the entry "A Slavery of Choice" on apracticalwedding.com. Aside from her writing talent, Meg's posts are thoughtful and hilarious. She reflected on the idea that we often sacrifice the good in search of the "best." HELLO. Step back. It's just a party. It's not a peace treaty. Any of the silly color combos I've cooked up could be just lovely, but it's up to me to commit.


Sincere, classic, comfortable

I'm trying to stay focused on the point of the whole process (you know ... the marriage part), but I have to admit: I love weddings. I've been on cloud nine for a little over six months now, so I've had a long time to peruse magazines and blogs for the "ideal" color combinations, floral arrangements, etc. Not sure I've made any decisions yet -- it's harder than I thought it would be! -- but the images above are just a few of my favorite things. I'm focusing on a sincere, classic, and comfortable feel because that is how I'd describe our relationship. I love the soft, romantic feel of this floral and the sweet "lovebirds" graphic in the print materials.
(Images above drawn from personal photos, www.stylemepretty.com, and www.snippetandink.blogspot.com. Both are AMAZING blogs for ideas!)


Mom calls it cohabitation

I'm in. His house, that is. Future husband and I are living "in sin," and it's only taken me about two weeks to completely reorganize the kitchen from silverware drawer to candlestick holders. I've reconfigured and/or reclaimed all of the furniture and decorative acccessories (replacing all of them, of course, with my own!). Two closets (one in each bedroom) and an entire dresser are crammed with my clothing. Mom calls it cohabitation. It's not fireworks and butterflies all the time, but it's pretty great to wake up to, come home to, share life with a person for whom you care deeply.

One thing. I wonder if it's a biological or chemical thing that happens to women. I wonder if it's just me. What was OK before ... picking up pizza for dinner, leaving dishes in his sink. Now it's our sink. Now it has to be perfect. Ridiculous? Yep. As days pass, my insane inner housewife is starting to quiet down. Maybe that has to do with the concerned looks my new roommate has been giving me. Or maybe its the fresh pot of coffee he makes me each morning or the sweet goodnight kisses I'm getting used to...


If you build it...

I was inspired a few months ago. A Kohler commercial of all things! In the spot, a couple slams a faucet down on the table, saying "build a house around this." I thought, "weddings are like that too!" A memorable event can really hinge on one wonderful detail that inspires the rest.

For me, that detail came from my mom and future mother-in-law. They lunched. They brainstormed. They brought me green-glass Ball jars from an old farmhouse basement. The rustic feel combined with the elegance of antique glass perfectly married country and estate, a theme that is now helping me through color schemes, gowns, and flowers. Gallon-size jars will hold flower centerpieces. Smaller versions will dangle from patio trees as lanterns, and others will hold votives on tables and mantles.