In search of perfection

A recipe for indecision: Combine pages and pages of dress styles, 10,000 "knotpicks," and hundreds of magazine spreads and Web pages about wedding style. Toss with phrases such as "your big day" and "a day you've always dreamed about." Gently add nervous, excited, happy bride-to-be. Set to endless spin cycle for a few months.

Decisions were never my thing to begin with. Color is my current wedding nemesis. I just simply cannot decide. Chartreuse or olive green? Navy? What about firecracker red? Or a yellowy orange? Since my sisters are in search of maid attire, I have really been feeling the pressure to pick already.

And then today I read the entry "A Slavery of Choice" on apracticalwedding.com. Aside from her writing talent, Meg's posts are thoughtful and hilarious. She reflected on the idea that we often sacrifice the good in search of the "best." HELLO. Step back. It's just a party. It's not a peace treaty. Any of the silly color combos I've cooked up could be just lovely, but it's up to me to commit.

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