Instant replay

Hands down, the happiest hours of my life so far were on the day Patrick proposed. I've been replaying that December evening a lot lately during my commute to and from work, trying to bottle up that pure-joy feeling so that I never forget the look in his eyes, my trembling legs and hands, his sweet and simple words, the uncontrollable tears both of us cried. I want to remember, always, the cheers from our families and the glow our being engaged cast on our relationship and on our lives in general.

So many cherished memories are joyful because, over time, they've been whitewashed by nostalgia to become flawless. I wondered if that floating feeling was just something I created for myself. But a recently married friend of mine says she still thinks about her engagement night in the same way--perfect. It's less about reliving the past than it is about keeping that joy alive. Now Patrick and I see each other every day. To me, that makes it even more important to spend a few minutes each morning reflecting on the best "yes" of my life.

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