Oh to be crafty ...

Above is another sneak peek. This time, it's our ring pillow, created by Lynn (my very crafty mom). The subject of this post is not about how crafty I am. Nope. It's about a recent discovery, and that is: I am not a crafty gal. I do not cut straight lines. I do not like measuring or gluing or precision. This is why backing all of our table numbers with colored paper nearly drove me over the edge. And this is why I shall not be a crafty, sewing kind of wife who scrapbooks. At least, not in the way of anything with straight edges or fine details -- and not until I've endured some training.

In fact, I should not be allowed to repair even a button at this stage of my skill. I sewed a button back on my pink winter coat a few months ago, and it is so far from where it is actually supposed to be that when buttoned the coat looks like maternity garb. The point of this post, I guess, is that I think it's important to recognize what you should not take on as a bride. Crafty details are great, but sometimes it pays to shell out the dough for pre-cut paper or pre-made place cards, etc. Or, in fact, skip it all entirely! The only things you NEED at a wedding are a bride and groom, people you love, good food, and good music! The rest is icing.

Happy Tuesday!

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