Cohabitation Part 12: Lessons

9 months down, 45 days to the altar! For a little "hump" day humor, I'm offering some little lessons for life I've learned while we've been under the same roof:

• The lemon souffle and blue that covered our kitchen walls is now a new color, "clay pebble." It's warm and neutral and inviting. Patrick painted it all by himself, he says it was for me and my kitchen. Turns out he likes it too, and we are both happier. Best part: we let the Home Depot computer choose it for us, so there were no debates about which paint to choose! Well done, Behr color-match program. :)

• I have yet to master the shower lever (mentioned in a much earlier post about our cohabitation adventures). Oops. Funny thing is, we stopped arguing about it. Forget what's not important.

• Breaker is a hilarious and much appreciated comic relief. How can you take life too seriously when your giant black lab is chasing a flashlight beam around the house and jumping into walls to try and catch it? And how can you have a negative attitude when you wake up to the weight of a snuggle-dog's head cuddled on your footsies? And for the sake of this post, we'll forget the shedding issue.

• Yes, even crock pot taco soup can cause a silly argument (even if it did end up being quite tasty and smelling quite nice, despite it's "puke" like appearance) and once you've yelled at each other in the kitchen about a recipe, you can pretty much plan on never serving it again. Bummer. I really liked it.

• Girl still needs alone time. I mean a person can only share so much with another person...I do not care to pluck my eyebrows or workout on the elliptical in front of the love of my life, some days (choice days) I may need an hour or so before I'm even ready to speak to my "roommate." Lesson: say something. Don't let it fester.

• Getting married is still a big deal. It seals the deal and gives the commitment permanence. OI know things might not be different, but I am convinced it will feel new and fresh like our relationship did in the first months of our engagement. And I can't wait.

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  1. Don't forget, a husband's way of emptying his pockets of change on every flat surface of the house only leads to more savings if properly collected - even if it is only $50 cents at a time!