So, these are the items the fiance says I should invest in for the next 39 days: safety goggles, hard hat, gloves, knee pads, basically a body suit of cushioning. You see, I've been moving a little fast and doing a few too many things at once lately. I've always been the type to find random bruises and scratches on various body parts, and in my younger years my dad dubbed me "ER" because they frequented the emergency room with me. I'd grown out of that for the most part until about the last 30 days, during which I fell on the ceramic tile kitchen floor, slid down the office stairs, gouged my forearm, and finally on Sunday evening splattered Lime-a-way in my left eye. (Note to self: Lime-a-way is sulfuric acid; do not get in eyes!) No fears -- after a good 15 minutes flushing it out the poison control center says I'm ok! Sheesh. Even my brain seems handicapped ... I forget everything unless I write it down.

The only cure I see for this bout of clumsiness will come May 3, when the wedding chaos is over and I wake up to find a ring on Patrick's right hand. Until then, happy hard hats I guess!

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  1. wrap yourself in bubble-wrap if you must! be safe presh!!