Wedding Wednesdays

When we got engaged, Patrick and I made a deal that we would only talk about wedding plans and decisions on Wednesdays. Both of us could work on wedding-related stuff during the rest of the week, but we would only harp on it and discuss about it on Wednesdays. This brilliant idea (complements of Shea) worked really well for most of the engagement. It's important to still be in a relationship and still talk about other things and people in your lives, to get out of the shell of the wedding back into reality and work on the house or cook dinner, or just drink wine, watch a movie, and be happy.

So, about a month ago, the whole wedding Wednesday thing was kind of shot out of the water. As you get closer, it's almost unavoidable: "Oh, I checked on the new beer, and they said that was fine." or "Can you call your mom and ask her about so and so's RSVP," etc. So, now we've kind of filled in the negative spaces with wedding banter and declared Wednesdays "No-Wedding Wednesdays." Lordy knows I need them. I think, in many ways, they've been more valuable for us than Wedding Wednesdays were. Point of this post: All wedding all the time makes a cranky couple. It's important to be you, too, not just a bride or a fiance.

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