Wedding dreams...

So, apparently now I talk in my sleep? Over the weekend, I was mumbling about wedding stuff and keeping Patrick awake.

And last night I woke myself up laughing! I was dreaming that we were slicing up the cake at the reception, and I was standing over my sister's shoulder watching to make sure she did it right (ack!). I said, "can you make my piece a little bigger?" And she looked at me and huffed and stuck the knife and fork right in the middle of the cake. She said, "How's that?" And we both cracked up laughing. HA! And I was actually giggling.

Which was about the time that Patrick said something like "whyyyy do you talk in your sleep now, be quiet!" or something like that ... for the love!

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  1. which sister?! prolly emma, you wouldnt have to make sure i was doing it right. im perfect.