"It's here, isnt it?"

Real conversation last night after we finished the seating chart for the reception:

"It's really here, isn't it?"
"I mean, after Easter, we have two weekends before the wedding."
"I know." (HUGE smile and hug!)

Yes, it's here! It's here! Three weeks and we'll be headed to the honeymoon. It's finally sinking in, and even though I can't kick the perma-nausea, we both feel happy and excited. This is a good sign, yes? :)

It's been especially wonderful for me to see Patrick getting equally excited about the whole thing. As we mapped out the seating chart last night, he even drew the circles on the poster board for tables and carefully marked entrances and where they led (i.e. " <--- MUZAK, booze; ----> patio, smokers this way) ... It was hilarious!

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