Something Blue

I've been waiting a long time to write today's post. One of the most wonderful things about getting married is gathering all of the people who have touched two lives together in one room. This last year has been one filled with overwhelming love. We feel so blessed. I am particularly blessed to have many real friendships with sincere and beautiful women. Too many, in fact, to have them all as bridesmaids. Instead, I asked them to be my "something blue." 

Many of these women grew up with me, from little girls giggling at recess to grown women celebrating marriages and births. Some spent late nights rehearsing high school musicals or early mornings warming up for cross country meets. We held each other's hands through school tests and life's tests of traumas or deaths. Others learned with me through college; became women with me in my first real job. All of them have offered willing shoulders and caring hearts. They are the best of people, and I am honored and proud to call them my friends. 

This weekend, you'll notice little pops of blue in all shades among the crowd. A bride's traditional symbol of loyalty, blue is one of those colors that always makes me think of a wedding. Thank you girls, for being true "blue." I love you. 

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  1. What an absolutely PERFECT wedding weekend!! I hope you two are enjoying a blissful honeymoon. You'll have to keep us updated on newlywed life here...I've come to love the I Do Chronicles!

    Hugs, Lauren