Something old

I always wonder, when I attend weddings, what the bride is carrying with her. Seems that all little girls have heard the saying "something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue." They are often sentimental items that remind the bride of her heritage, her loved ones, or her own goals. I'm very proud of the tiny tokens that will be hidden away with me on Saturday.  First, my something old ... 
Since both of my grandmothers have passed away, I've grown pretty attached to Patrick's Granny. I love the connection she and Patrick share. Last winter, we spent a Sunday cleaning out her old farmhouse before she moved. It was an emotional day, but I came away with something I think I will treasure for all my life. The delicate, hand-detailed handkerchief above will be tightly in my grasp as I make my way down the aisle with my dad. (We've discussed here before the fact that I'm a crier!) 

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