Aruba, Jamaica, oooooh I wannna take you....

Honeymoon reservations are one item on the list for November. We want to go tropical, and we're thinking Caribbean. I'm wondering if any of you have suggestions on resorts, packages, locales, etc. that were fabulous honeymoon spots or wonderful vacations. I'm definitely not an expert in the luxurious travel department, so bring on the comments!


  1. Sarah. Go to St. John's Island, Trunk Bay off of St. Thomas. It is BEAUTIFULLLLL. i want to go there for my honeymoon.
    actually dude, just go on a cruise! theyre amazing. look into it.

  2. someone I work with went to the DR this summer with Apple Vacations (or something like that) and she said it was horrible...so avoid that!
    I like the cruise idea...lots of different places to go to!