Awfully wedded dreams

This morning I felt compelled to write about wedding dreams. Many friends have shared their nightmares with me. The dream-state scenarios range from "I'm about to walk down the aisle and I cannot find my shoes!" to "my bridesmaids ditched their dresses in favor of camo-printed outfits!" (Yes, both are real dreams of my friends!)

Last year, amidst a sea of wedding preparations (remember, 2007 was the 'year of weddings'), I found their stories hilarious. When the scenes play in your own subconscious, though, they become a little more disturbing. Especially if dreams mean something deeper than the absurd.

I mean, my dream that some random lady was practically running me down the aisle before I was ready ... that was funny. The one when wedding day came but none of the details (hair, makeup, flowers, etc.) had been arranged ... yep, that one was my OCD-paranoia coming into play. And then last night I dreamed that my veil wasn't ready and I had a giant crater-zit on my chin ... sadly, the zit is a current reality. Oy.

All brides must have these dreams, they all must wake up flushed and confused or remember the dream hours after waking up and think, "Was that real? What does that mean?"

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  1. While I must admit that my dream about the bridesmaids turning on me was horrific, none of my dreams were ever about the marriage. I guess when you are certain about your relationship and your fate to be together, then the only things left to worry about are "mavrick" bridesmaids and unplanned details.