Ceremony music

Help. I'm getting ready to research ceremony music options/musicians. Some favor the booming pipe organ, but I'm a little less traditional when it comes to music in church. I love the sound of a piano or strings or a flute. A harp? Soloist?

Questions for my blogstalkers (you know who you are ;)): 1) Do you find it strange when a bride/bridal party doesn't enter to Canon in D or "Here Comes the Bride"?; 2) does anyone even notice the music/is it worth going against the grain?; 3) Any suggestions?


  1. As non traditional as I am and as much as I love to see brides be unique, even I have to suck in the tears as soon as I hear those first few bars of "Here comes the bride." I have a whole CD of great classical wedding music you can listen to for ideas!

  2. When my husband and I married we wanted something different for the recessional. My husband is a cattle farmer so we though "beef whats for dinner" song would be great. It was pretty funny!

  3. oddly enought, as traditional as I am, I LOVE when the bride and groom choose different music. I don't think you NEED the "Here comes the bride" at all. again it's just me, but I notice when there's something different, and tend to like it more. at my cousin's wedding a couple month's ago they used a song from West Side Story and it fit perfectly in the type of church and small ceremony it was

  4. i agree with Katie...I am not a big fan of "here comes the bride" It is pretty but I enjoy when people choose something different.
    But I also think this is probably something you don't need to stress out a ton about...people will be paying way more attention to how gorgeous you are than the music :)

  5. I agree with Martha! Your gorgeous self and Patrick's sweet face will be alllll anyone will pay attention to on your special day.

    But, since you're a detail person, I know music is important. Personally, I'm not a Here Comes the Bride fan. But I adore Canon in D. I definitely think this decision will be something you notice more than the crowd. Have fun with it.