Dum, dum, dum, dum

There it is. The long aisle I'll walk down with Dad. Staring down it in this photo, for me, evokes the same pit-of-stomach feeling I had when we scheduled our first premarital counseling session. Yet, so far the fear was unfounded. The sessions shake me back to the reality that we are planning for a marriage as well as a wedding. We're on the path to a deeper appreciation for one another. I'm sure that in the same way, my aisle-anxiety will cease, and I'll float joyfully to the front of the church on May 2.

On the subject, I want to share a really poignant question posed by Fr. Todd in pre-canna session #3: "What do you believe?" A daunting question. We both sat speechless for a moment, pondering how exactly a person articulates faith. On the drive into work the next day, I thought more. I think that faith is vital in a marriage, but it's about more than a church or denomination. It's about faith in one another, in something bigger, in the institution of marriage. So, I'm glad for that deer-in-headlights moment. We still have work to do on defining our answers, but I think both of us agree that we believe in unconditional love and in what we have together. That's a good starting point. And those two things alone make that long aisle seem shorter, the weight of those questions lighter.

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  1. fyi: the aisle seems daunting but it really isn't that long...on my wedding day down that aisle, I was ready to run down it and my dad had to tell me to slow down!