My glass slippers

An exciting message awaited me earlier this week. My wedding gown has arrived (!!!!!!!) at the adorable Something Old Something New bridal boutique in Pendleton, Ind. So, today it only seemed natural to post about bridal shoes. I've seen lots in magazines and blogs lately about wearing a vibrant colored shoe to coordinate with the color palette. I love the idea of concealing that surprise burst of color under the pristine white dress. Someone like Anna (my fashion-pro of a sister) could choose the most outrageous shoe and dazzle. My other MOH, Emma, could sport a pair of fuzzy wedding slippers under her dress and be comfy and chic. However, true to my coordinated self, I placed an order earlier this week for a simple, ivory shoe with a modest heel. They're similar to those pictured above. Nothing wrong with a little tradition, right? Perhaps I can provide a surprising pop of color in other concealed places ... wink, wink. Happy Thursday!

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  1. go ahead and place an order for some comfy flats! You are going to want them on the dance floor!