Cohabitation part III: the shower lever

Confession: I always forget. I always forget to take my finger and plunk down the little lever on our bathtub faucet that makes the water run through the shower head. Why is this significant? It's the tiny thing that my fiance asks of me.

He brews me coffee, leaves the porch lights on for me, deposits his clothes in the hamper, places the toilet seat in the down position, and has even vacated his former t-shirt drawer for my use. The problem with my leaving that little lever up is that when said beloved pokes his head past the shower curtain to turn on a hot shower in the morning or evening, he is soaked unexpectedly. When I hear a heavy sigh or agitated grunt, I wince. "Woops, I meant to put that down. Sorry!"

My dad lovingly refers to this kind of forgetfulness as "booby-trapping." I believe all women do it. Not intentionally. I have a hunch that booby-trapping can wear on a marriage/relationship because it preys on individual preferences rather than joint decisions. I don't really care if the lever is already up...one less task for me to complete at 6 a.m. It currently is THE MOST ANNOYING thing in Patrick's life. So, I am going to try harder to remember. I would like to report: this morning, I nudged it to the down position. Sigh. Now, if only I could promise that tomorrow I'll do the same.

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  1. Aww, what an adorable post!

    I see sweet P-Dizzle's arguement...but I can't help but smile thinking how incredibly wonderful it is that you even get to have this conversation.

    Yippee, Sarah P. You're getting MARRIED!!!