something blue: friends

{Originally posted to Love, Lillian as a guest blog post}

This idea came to me as I sat in the passenger seat of Tricia’s car pondering HOW on earth to choose a wedding party from my most incredible group of good friends. So I guess, it’s fitting that she asked me to guest blog on this topic.

Instead of embroidering my wedding gown with blue thread or donning blue shoes, I asked 13 amazing women to be my "something blue.” Blue is, perfectly, a bride's symbol of loyalty and fidelity.

I sent invitations, each with a handwritten note of thanks for our sincere friendship, asking each woman to “stand up with me in spirit” by wearing a “token of blue.” 

My mom and I hosted a Something Blue Brunch in their honor, at which the ladies received embroidered handkerchiefs and spent the morning laughing, telling stories, and shedding sentimental tears. Then we packed up mimosas to go, and headed to pottery-painting. I now have a treasured set of mugs, bowls, and a creamer and sugar painted by my dearest friends.

Our programs featured a small passage about true friendships and listed each woman’s name. Some wore brooches, some wore beads or wraps, others bought dresses. They all looked beautiful in their blue!

Most importantly, for me, each person was able to give of herself in an individual way, whether that meant visiting the hair salon on the day-of, meeting for lunch on Friday, toasting with an “Ode to Sarah” at the rehearsal, or sending heartfelt cards or books in the weeks leading up to May 2 … the list goes on. I was blown away.

As the invitations said, I carried them with me in the months leading up to the wedding and most definitely on the day of. And, thanks to my sisters’ thoughtfulness, I now carry their love with me in the form of perfectly unique mugs filled with warm coffee.