Monday Moment: "When You Come Back Down"

This time last year, I posted about ceremony music. The first time I heard Nickel Creek's "When You Come Back Down," I felt it in my gut. And every time the song played I strangely imagined myself walking down the aisle to the non-traditional bluegrass melody. It is such a soft song, and so poignant but strong and steadfast.

In the end, though, I opted to enter to Pachabel's Canon in D. Instead, we wove the song into our very traditional Catholic ceremony as a theme.

The priest mentioned its meaning for us as a couple in his homily (or sermon): "For Sarah and Patrick, this song speaks of God’s love for us and unconditional support and their parents’ faith and support of our dreams individually and as a couple. It was also especially important for them when they were long distances from each other."

Here are a few lyrics: "When you're flyin' high, take my heart along/ I'll be the harmony to every lonely song/That you learn to play ... When you're soarin' through the air/I'll be your solid ground/Take every chance you dare/I'll still be there/When you come back down." Our programs featured these words on the inside cover.

But second only to our actual VOWS in the ceremony was my little brother's rendition of the Nickel Creek song during our unity candle. He played the guitar and sang with his friend Sarah. It was a telling reflection on our love and the love we’ve experienced in life, and one of the most intimate parts of our ceremony.

I think you can build little moments like these into a wedding, and I think you can do it in ways that aren't trite or contrived just for the sake of being "unique." Now when I hear the fiddle and violin, I hear my brother's voice and feel Patrick's hand in mine at our wedding. Sappy? Yes. True? For sure.

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