DIY: Sugar & Spice bachelorette gift

Last weekend we celebrated dear friend Lauren, who will be a bride in (holy cow!) 22 short days. Since we're long-distance friends (boo!), we wanted to give her a bachelorette/lingerie gift that was also kind of like a shower gift. Enter a set of canisters (from her registry) with the labels "sugar, spice, naughty, and nice." The "ingredients" turned out so adorably that I wanted to share the results! A great idea to mix it up at a party typically filled with pink Victoria's Secret boxes (which are also awesome to get, don't get me wrong!).

It's hard to tell from the photos, but we filled each canister with candies (Hot Tamales for "naughty," jelly beans for "sugar," taffy for "nice," and Hershey's kisses for "spice") and about 2-3 pair of fancy undies that went with each theme. A set of heart-shaped teaspoons was tied to the bag. Even they were oozing with cheezy-ness, labeled "a pinch of patience," etc. We included a "Sheet Music" CD of sexy songs and an amazing surprise item for her hubby-to-be. The bride loved it, and we all loved snacking on jelly beans as she opened the rest of her packages.

TGIF! And thanks to Miss Shea for the great pics, as usual.


  1. What a fantastic idea! Hm...who can I talk into getting married so I can do this? :)

  2. Thanks! It was super easy! And I think you could change it up to be for a non-bachelorette party. Think baby items, changing the labels to "sugar, spice, everything, and nice."