Pretty thing of the day: Frame collage

I know my posts were sparse, and it may be lame to end a sparse week with a pretty picture. BUT I've been dying to have a collection of pretty framed things in my home.

AsI established last spring, I am not a crafty gal. And as with crafting, I struggle with implementation of design ideas. Most of the walls in our house are barren. Yes. Not just "bare." Barren, as in blank. This photo (from the sadly folded Domino magazine and posted last week by Young House Love) was an "ah-ha" for me. I love the mirror. I love how it's odd and geometric all at once.

But do all the frames have to be black? And do I like it because of the stripes? Hmm. Either way, it's going in that folder I promised to make.


  1. I liked Domino magazine. :(

  2. Me too! It was a close second to Cottage Living. Alas, both have gone to magazine heaven.

  3. i'm not creative either. i dream of being creative and having something exactly like this in my house. I've always wanted the frame collage! but once you move in with a boy, they ruin all the fun, pretty, crafty plans.

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