'Kneading' things

At our house, new recipes don't always fly. (Think taco soup or the burnt-breakfast fiasco. But God bless Rachel Ray and a friend who really gets my hubby. I tried an awesome recipe for a beef-and-cheddar pot pie that knocked our socks off. The recipe calls for homemade biscuits that sit atop the casserole-like beef mixture (Delicious! You should try it!).
{photo from www.rachaelraymag.com}
I have also mentioned before that I'm no pastry chef. Baking terrifies me. But, I SO enjoyed kneading the dough for these biscuits. It felt motherly and comforting. Punching the floury goo into a ball, then pressing it out with my fingertips and palm was stress-relieving.

Now, I'm sure I wouldn't feel as fondly if I had to make homemade dough all the time. That lightning-quick Pillsbury dough is too ready-at-hand. But the flour all over me and the counter got me thinking: what are we missing in our modern kitchens with our pre-made biscuits and brownie mix? What else has gone away in favor of convenience?

I remember reading a snippet from a chef in a recent Real Simple magazine who "can't believe people don't make their own brownies any more." I thought to myself that day, "well, what's even in a brownie?" I hope that homemade won't one day be just for niche bakeries and old ladies.

OK, I confess: don't plan on finding me slaving with yeast or my rolling pin any time soon. At least I know how to make biscuits!

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