This blog was born as an outlet for my wedding planning life, stresses, and reflections. I'm lucky that it's become more like a virtual column. Having this creative outlet has been such a gift, and I've been doing some thinking. I want to give my life the same creative attention as my wedding received. And so, I give you my 2010 "creative outlook."

- Read at least one book every month (see "currently reading" at right)
- Paint knotty pine paneling in living room and hallway to lighten up my life.
- Grow herbs on my kitchen windowsills (post on this coming soon!).
- Get rid of fake greenery and replace it with the real stuff.
- Act on instincts about my home – just be true to what I really love. Don't be afraid to commit to a color or fabric.
- Jot thoughts in journal twice weekly (post on this too!)
- Stick my neck out: write
- Blog.
- Spend time with the ultimate “creatives”: kids
- Keep a binder of inspiration, drawn from loose pages and anything that moves me.
- Fresh flowers. Love them. Once a month, even if they’re weeds from the yard.
- Make my laundry room enviable (see last week's pretty).

What are you doing to fulfill your creative soul this year?

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