Mental health day

Thankful for a holiday in the middle of chilly and overcast January, I spent Monday meandering through some outlet stores. When I say “meander,” I mean walk very slowly through every store you wish, touching fabrics, and trying blouses or trousers out in the dressing room. I mean standing in front of a display of scarves deciding on one, only to put it back and decide “no” after all. I mean carefully considering rather than lunch-hour-impulse-buying-because-I-really-need-a-new-white-shirt.

I drive an hourlong commute to work on winding, hilly roads, and I live in a small town. This kind of shopping is a luxury, this time. So, today at work I'm grinning around the place. I'm typing away in a fantastic blouse (which I love!) that I bought for a fantastic steal. And I’ve decided I love meandering, slow, mental health days in the middle of January.

In the grand scheme, this is no great revelation for mankind. But I think when you make the married switch it’s easy to forget to spend days alone, in the company of your own likes and dislikes, slowly considering them. It's important to do things without "permission" from anyone but your own self.

(Ahem, one caveat: No credit card abuse or skulking around with secret purchases. That's just bad form. Budgets = necessary.)

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