Grown up money

Patrick and I have still not merged finances. Sigh.

This all goes back to a post earlier this fall -- about the
name change and about how I am processing "married life." I love being married and I love my husband. But after so many years of managing my own paycheck and being the only one privy to the literal "ins and outs" of my banking world, it seems like invasion of privacy to allow another person to be part of all of that. Patrick and I have talked, and I think he's felt the same way (maybe less protective than me, but similar).

We do have a joint account (that's so far seldom used) and we still have a budget that we are very responsible about. We've read the Dave Ramsey book. So by December our separate accounts at separate banks were starting to feel a little silly to both of us. And now I've read this
-- on the NEST Web site of all places. The linked post is about being a "grown up" about money. And I have to admit that it really resonated.

(We're trying not to think of our resolutions as "resolutions," rather joint goals. And setting up our direct deposit, organizing our important papers, and becoming "one" financially ... that's definitely on the 2010 list.)

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  1. When it comes to money remember to make a little, save a little, spend a little and give a little cause it means a lot.