Tuscan red & a hint of lime

Very chilly fall weather is settling in here in the Midwest, but for some reason these inspirations reminded me of early September, the last dregs of summer. I've always loved limes, and if I knew my husband wouldn't give me a hard time about it, I'd go fill a shopping bag with fake ones for our kitchen right this moment.

Tuscan red & hint of lime

{photos: Jose Villa (2), Hollye Schumacher Photography, Zoeica Images.com}

Close your eyes, and imagine your favorite folks at these long wooden picnic tables, enjoying some shiraz (to keep with the tuscan-red theme, of course). I can almost hear the plates clattering and the laughter from the tables, covered with crisp white linens and vessels of deep merlot-colored zinnias and ruby tulips. Tapas -- like tiny mozarella-stuffed cherry tomatoes and decadent chocolate pretzels -- are being passed around. Yummy.

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  1. Mmmm, shiraz and tapas. Two of my favorite words :) Wanna meet for Happy Hour, buddy?