Oh, baby!

Some of our closest friends were blessed with their first bambino on Oct. 22. She's a healthly, gorgeous little girl,"snug as a bug" in the photo above. Couldn't be more perfect. We are so happy for them! Welcome to the world, Devan Avery Fox!

It was moving to see the photos of two people we have known as a couple holding their own little one. They were in love with this little girl in every picture. I cannot wait to meet this gift and witness her mom and dad as parents.

Note: I have always been a baby person, a kid-lover. But, for now, my hubby and I are getting used to being a pair, taking care of a rambunctious dog, and enjoying young married life. No baby bug yet.

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  1. I did not know you have a blog! What a nice posting. Thank you, Sarah! _Natalie