Operation kitchen!

The project begins. Our quaint country kitchen is completely dismembered this week. We're painting our worn-out wood cabinetry and replacing our countertops to give our little kitchen a facelift. Last weekend, we removed the upper cabinets and primed them for painting. We've spent hours lately working on the doors and removing hardware, sanding, and cleaning. Hence, the slack in posts lately (sorry!).

Yes, we're back to DIY-land. It seems like there are 500 steps now before the kitchen/dining room (one big area) is completely finished, but we're taking things one step at a time. Or at least, I'm trying to wait patiently for my fresh, crisp kitchen.

If there is a true trial and test for a relationship, it's a home project. Think about it: "redecorating" or "renovating" is really just costly and complicated upheaval. We have an older house, so things aren't always square or plumb. And when it comes to tape measures and levels: I. Have. No. Patience.

"Just do it!" I have been known to say.

On the other hand, my husband is precise and exact about his construction projects in the same way that I obsess over words and magazines. When Patrick goes into project mode, he's like a mad artist.

So, readers, bid farewell to that cozy kitchen in the photo above. Project tales and photos to come! For tips that helped us get started: Check out YHL's helpful cabinet-painting guide.


  1. Sarah,
    I am in the midst of kitchen-re-do, too! I removed all of the pulls and handles, painted the kitchen ceiling (2 coats) and haven't done a thing,since!
    question: are you replacing the hinges? Everyone says I must and I think "Ugh something else to buy!" I am painting dark, walnut (cheap) cabinets, cream. I can't wait but haven't stuck to it. Since we have returned, I'm out of excuses!

  2. We're actually going to spray paint the hinges to cut the cost. We're using quality spray paint (not the cheap kind!) in a metallic finish. Krylon sells a satin nickel that will match our knobs and cup pulls.