Tux vests: a vote

I'm taking another informal poll today because I am earth's most indecisive person. With a Calvin Klein simple, black tux and green boutonniere should the groomsmen, ushers, and dads wear:

a) Midnight blue vest and tie; b) Kiwi or Capri mint (chartreuse green) vest and tie; or c) Spice red (coral-orange) vest and tie?

The bridesmaids will be in navy (call it "midnight blue") and carrying mostly orange in their bouquets, so navy's what I'm leaning toward. Is that odd or boring? If you have oodles of time and you're bored, you could assemble the tuxes at Jim's Formal Wear and see for yourself. Just looking for a little help from the loyal readers :). Happy Tuesday!


  1. I like the green too, Sarah! Of course, navy would still be beautiful :)

  2. personally, i'd go blue...but that's just me ;)