Last night's dream

The crazy wedding dreams have now migrated to honeymoon dreams. Intense. Last night's reverie:

We are checking into our cabana in the Bahamas. For some reason, we've decided to book our honeymoon with six other couples. I do not know who they were...definitely people I don't know in my real life. When I say "with" I mean that we are all staying in the same cabana, practically on top of one another doing everything together. (Note: I do not even like to share a bed with my sisters, let alone a hotel room with 6 couples...ick). And Patrick and I spend the whole honeymoon arguing or sad because all we want to do is just be together, alone.

I woke up sweating with a stomach ache. Hilarious.

Luckily I can put all of my fears to bed (no pun intended), we're booking the honeymoon this evening with the talented Barbara (or "Bah-bah-ruh," as Patrick calls her). She's done a great job researching for us and is a super travel agent in my opinion!


  1. i love you.
    <3 the cool sister.