Simple joys

Wanted to share these hysterical photos of the Breaker-man. All of my fears of being a dog owner were unfounded...well except for the stinky, hairy part. (The amount of shedding that goes on is incredible! That the dog still has hair on his body is a wonder of nature!) Breaker has a funny, moody personality and a sweet, playful heart. We love him. Here are some photos from our recent series of snow days. I opened the back door to 12 inches of snow. He looked up at me and then sprinted off into the powder. Four laps around our two-acre yard later, I was doubled over in laughter and snapping photos. The dog loves to run -- especially in the snow! Enjoy!

This is my favorite one: he is running like a maniac through the yard. Note the ears flying wildly and imagine the slobber flapping from his fat lips in the wind.

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