Historically speaking

Spent last weekend doing wedding-related tasks and stayed at my parents' house. With 82 days to go, it's starting to get exciting! I don't have much time to write today, so I'll fill you all in on the news from the weekend later this week.

I do want to share these two photos of my grandparents' weddings. So fun to see them as young people in love! Patrick and I are extremely lucky to have had many successful and lifelong marriages in our lives. I wish I had the adorable photo of his Granny's wedding to post as well, but it's not on this computer. We're planning to display them at the reception as a tribute to that example of enduring love. It will not always be a picnic, but we'll do it together and hopefully be an example for OUR grandchildren one day.

My dad's parents Jo and Hal Preuschl are cutting the cake above; below mom's parents Irv and Jeanne Andreoni in the car after their wedding!

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  1. saraaaahhh..
    those pictures almost made me cry... ok who am i kidding they did.
    i wish they could all be there with us.
    how young and optimistic they seem! its like you can see their eagerness for a lifetime of memories together in their smiles.
    love you.