My Dad=VERY talented

Check out this miniature sneak peak of our invitations suite, created by the one and only Kirk Preuschl (a.k.a. my dear old dad)!! I can't describe the thrill of seeing this gorgeous concept for the first time. Being in the publishing field, there is some sense of realness and finality in seeing the words "the marriage of Sarah Jeanne to Patrick Dale" in ink. And knowing that my father really listened and understood exactly how I wanted the invitations to feel was so touching. Thanks Dad!

Letting go of dad's arm to take Patrick's four months from now will only be hard because I love him so much and because he shows his love for each of his children so well.


  1. oh presh! these are beautiful! i'm not at all surprised that your dad did them, but still, absolutely stunning!!! the color, the feel, it's just so perfect for you. i can't stop gushing! ;)

  2. aw! KT! That is so nice :) I miss you, by the way. See you in March?