Hairy situations

Taking an informal poll of blog-readers:
1) Which of the two hairstyles below would you choose for me? Or do you have another cool idea... (Picture the hairstyle with a cathedral veil during the ceremony and without a veil for the reception. Dress that is not really the ball-gown style, much more old-Hollywood meets vintage lace).
2) Anyone know a good place to find non-tacky hair jewelry/pins online or in a store? I don't want to look like rhinestones are attacking my hairdo, but I'd like a little bling in the back or something simple that will not die like a real flower would.



  1. my vote is for #2 but I think either one would be stunning
    miss you

  2. I think you should get one of those big blue birds for your veil like Sarah Jessica Parker in the Sex and the City movie!

  3. i like #1 but with the flowers from #2.
    and you should go to an antique store and check out their costume jewelry. you can use those old fashioned earrings as hair accessories or even the pins would work in hair too. theres in a place in pendleton right by the dress store that has LOTS of jewelry.
    <3 Anna

  4. oh and yes, alot if it is tacky but you can sift through it and find some pretty unique, classic stuff. perseverance!
    (anna again)

  5. i'm going to have to agree with Mar and go with #2...but both are very pretty!

  6. Ironically (maybe) Number 2 is good, while number 1 is poop.

  7. Go with #2! xoxo-Nikki