Real life Saturday

One of my favorite wedding blogs, Snippet & Ink, features "Real Wedding Saturday" every week, showing photos of incredibly creative and detailed wedding weekends from all kinds of couples. In a strange and voyeuristic way, I look forward to seeing what she's posted every week. Even after my own wedding planning has ended, it's king of nice to escape into someone else's bliss.

This morning, though, as I fixed a pot of coffee and sat down to make my "to do" list for the weekend, I remembered getting to a point in wedding planning that felt like imagery overload. At that point, I wanted to read anything that could help me be excited about all of the OTHER things to come in my life, like a normal Saturday morning with my husband and dog. What is married life like.

And so, I bring you "Real life Saturday." Every week, I'll post an anecdote about our real life as newlyweds.

In our real life this week: When you're imagining life on your own, even as you graduate from college, chores like re-stocking toiletries and cleaning supplies and vinegar and olive oil don't really fit into a view of what "grown up" life might look like. This week, I'm taking stock of what we have in the cabinets, doing a little cleaning work, and organizing our files of important papers. Meanwhile, Patrick is off doing a side job for a friend to make some extra dough. In between, we're living: tending the garden, putting a pork roast in the slow cooker. And you know what? It's nothing spectacular. There is no fantastic photography to support it, but it's real.

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