Monday Moment: Hydration

Except for a few sips of coffee at home, the whole morning I drank water. Slow gulp, breath, another drink, breath. And in my mind I kept repeating "It's here. It's all ok. You can't control this day any more because it's here."

I did this when I woke up tossing, stomach turning at 5 a.m. Another sip of cold water came at breakfast after the first look at a gray sky. "You can't control this day any more because it's here." And while the tatoo-ed stylist tucked curls with bobby pins, I drank water. I took a breath. I smiled. It felt like sleep walking.

"You are the most low-key bridal party we've ever had," the stylist said. Another breath.

Then she was finished. The hair was just as we'd practiced, and it was beautiful. I smiled again. The sun made sparkles on the blacktop parking lot outside. A breeze blew a wind chime. I took another sip of water.

And then my mom looked at me and burst into happy tears. We hugged. "I love today!" I thought. It was all over after that. Laughter swelled. Eyes welled up.

And from there, the day's schedule sped into a blur. The time on the clock mattered, but not all that much. I was hydrated and happy. And we packed into the car: me, my sisters, my mom, and the photographer. We packed into the car and the "Happiest Girl in the Whole U.S.A." played as we pulled into the parking lot of Laurel Hall.

The sun was still shining, and I still had no control. What a blessing.

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