Moment Monday: "Wow."

When we were planning with our DJ, we asked that the "group dances" like the electric slide and the conga be left of the list. "Our guests will probably do the conga without prompting," we said. Not only did they erupt into a spontaneous conga line, the room was absolutely filled with dancing from the first song to this song, a special request of ours.

We may have expected the conga line and the silly dancing. But when an arm-in-arm circle formed at the reception, Patrick and I were both floored. He was moved to tears. This moment is one that always makes me smile. Literally encircled by love, by our best friends and dearest family, by singing -- we looked at each other, still smiling. And said, "Wow."

What a way to end a party.


  1. Remind me - what song was this?

    Gotta love Boom's face ;)

  2. "Cowboy Take Me Away", Dixie Chicks
    It's a special song (for silly reasons) to Patrick and his college buddies.

  3. And yes, gotta love Boom's face. :) HA!