Sweet memories

Today's post is a shout-out to Nicole and Matt on the week of their first anniversary. I will always remember their wedding as a day of sweet and imperfect joy. They overcame the challenges of a two-year-long engagement and many other wedding-day snafus and ended up with an unforgettable November celebration. I will always remember: sipping on hazelnut lattes at the hair salon in the early morning, the joyful, tearful toasts at the rehearsal dinner, the way she sparkled in her couture beaded gown as I've never seen her before, and laughing and dancing with my oldest friends to "Shout" at the reception. But the sentiment I think I will always cherish most is the memory of Nicole's steadfast and overwhelming sense of calm and presence of mind as a bride. She never wavered that day. She was her normal, happy self. And her surety and peace at marrying Matt calmed all around her. I love her dearly. Happy one-year, one day late!

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