Here’s the story: A big black lab showed up at the concrete shop on Monday and was almost hit a few times on the highway. My future husband (a.k.a the Dog Whisperer ) didn't want it to be hurt or hit, especially after said dog sat and shook and did other pet-like things. So he took it home. We called the Humane Society and they said that they'd been getting calls about this dog for three weeks; there was an ad on the paper and a notice online that a black lab dog had been found with no responses. Given the fact that Patrick is smitten with this adorable creature, I think it's safe to say big-black-dog is ours.

We've been talking about getting a puppy for a while now, but life keeps getting in the way. Apparently God had other plans, because he delivered an obedient, house-trained, well mannered, and sweet dog to our doorstep. He has huge paws and lots of puppy fat around his little jowls and neck.

Now, without futher ado I introduce Breaker, the big black lab…the newest member of our home. We named him “breaker” as in “jail Breaker” because he’s been on the run. And since I didn't grow up with pets, I'm sure you'll soon know him well. This heart-"Breaker" is sure to be the subject of many future "cohabitation" posts. ;)


  1. SO cute! he looks exactly like my parent's dog Max!

  2. he is adorable...makes me want a puppy!