Since my last post ...

I'm not going to apologize (sorry!) for the lack of posts since March. I've been at 125 percent in my real-job life. Since this blog has been about love and relationships and the marriage journey, I felt it was more authentic to make my husband, home, and puppy the priority. Sigh. But, dear readers, I've missed writing, and I've missed you all.

Rather than post an insightful reflection on this idea, I'll give you what you want. Quick-and-dirty updates in the life of Sarah since March 25:
  • I literally jumped for joy while slopping the first long stroke of primer on our living room's knotty pine paneling. Bye, bye dated lumber.
  • New, big projects at the office. Long hours. See intro.
  • The Midwest's evil pollen counts + allergies = massive sinus infection. Intense antibiotics. Blah-dom.
  • We planted our second official vegetable garden. New this year: eggplants, cucumbers, arugula, jalapenos, heirloom tomatoes, and wax peppers. I still love watching Patrick tend our half-acre patch. He has farming in his soul, so focused and gentle with the plants. And still amazed at the seeds and how things grow. We're taking photos of the garden as it progresses, so you can see it as things bloom and get bigger.
  • One of the most influential teachers I've ever known passed away of cancer. I did not go to her funeral, and I think I'll always regret that. Some people leave an indelible mark.
  • First anniversary celebrated! Can you believe it?! This deserves it's own post. I know: how on earth could I NOT have posted about this on my blog about my marriage?! Epic failure.
  • New living room rug purchased may seem a small feat, but if you only knew the number of rugs considered and the indecision over which one to buy, you'd give me a few pats on the back for just committing already!
  • My little brother walked the stage in a cap and gown. The last high school graduation in our little family (for a long time anyway). Not surprisingly, I cried more than I did at my own watching him move his tassle from one side of the cap to the other.
  • Pine paneling still primed ... waiting for paint. Still. (Oops!)
Thanks for the encouraging comments, everyone. See you in a few months. Kidding! Some things are worth making time to do, and I think this blog is one of them.


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