Pretty things of the day: fresh evergreen

The holiday tradition in my childhood home involved lots of fresh pine needles and arguing over whose turn it was to water the tree. The smell of pine evokes for me such powerful memories.

In our house this year, I was thankful for the faux tree and it's pre-lit wonder. Seemed there were fewer hours than in a normal December, or at least fewer of them to spend on holiday decor. I was also thankful for a thoughtful friend's birthday gift: a fresh balsam wreath. Bonus: it's in the shape of our new last-name monogram. How fun! Little did she know she was also giving me a breath in of memories each time I walk past it in our little entryway.

I love fresh holiday touches (and I'm sure you remember that I love fresh flowers ANY time of year!). Favorites: paperwhite bulbs, moss-adorned wreaths, mistletoe (with its adorable white berries), magnolia leaves, and of course evergreen and pine.

(classy wreath with tiny bells from newlywed diaries)

(paperwhites from young house love)

(charming, earthy entryway from Martha Stewart)

I've just kind of realized that I can DO some of these things. Eureka! Next year I'd love to incorporate touches like these at our home... and maybe I can convince myself and my hubby that it's time to try a fresh tree for ourselves.

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