Gentle snow & stress relief

A sweet little snow is falling outside our windows this Saturday morning. It's the wet kind that melts on your palm instantly, but looks fluffy as it tumbles from the overcast clouds. It's technically the first day of my holiday vacation, and it's a desperately needed relief.

It's hard for me to believe that even without a wedding to plan, I still find it hard to do nice things for myself like keeping this blog updated regularly. We had a whirlwind December so far, and I plan to spend some me-time over the next two weeks posting about some of our adventures: Patrick's 30th birthday, the merits of a dishwasher (!), and I may even bite the bullet and post the drafts I've written about married money management or work-life balance.

But, for today and for the rest of this weekend, I'm going to watch the snow fall, hum holiday tunes (thanks Shea and Jamie!), wrap gifts, and be a little more gentle with myself. Maybe suck down a few pots of coffee, read my new book (thanks LRE!) or take a few winter walks with Ozzie.

Happy holidays, readers! Thanks for sticking around this blog during the barren days of this December.


  1. geeze lousie sarah. :-P its about time!!
    I was so sick of reading that thanksgiving post over and over! lol
    I missss you. I wish you were home so I could show you all my artwork
    <3 me

  2. Yay! Sarah is BACK! Can't wait for more posts to distract those of us who have to be at work this week. HUGS!

  3. Was getting worried about you. Glad you are back on the blog. I can't believe Pat is 30!!!! Wishing you and Pat a blessed holiday season!!! thanks for the Christmas card. love Aunt Rachel

  4. I like snow because it comes whether you blow it or not. There are no expectations and, snow, it goes. Let it fall. Watch it glow. Drift. After a while it gets warm and it's gone. TMI?