Groom's eye view

In the planning process, I often wonder why Patrick isn't leaping for joy over menus or color shemes as I am. He's not thinking about the wedding most of the time. And, this morning, the husband of my dear friend and talented event planner, Tricia, let me in on a groom's psyche. His post is precious, and you must read it now at www.socialbutterflyjournal.blogspot.com.Here's how he says a groom should view the wedding day: "When I was standing at the altar, watching Tricia’s bridesmaids walking down the aisle, able to see her figure in the stained glass doors, the minister leaned over to me and said, “Don’t worry… in just a few seconds, no one will even be looking at you anymore.” I kind of laughed, but looking back, that was a very wise statement. Truth is it is all about her. Sure, you have input (and when you are asked for your opinion, the absolute worst thing you can say is, “Doesn’t matter to me… whatever you want”) in the planning and it will be important to be involved in the budgeting (but don’t let money play too big a factor), but remember, she is the one who has been planning this for longer than you’ve known her..." Awww! Sigh.

P.S. Happy almost-one-year anniversary to one of my fave couples, Tricia and Jon! There they are, above, at their gorgeous October wedding.

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