The purpose of a honeymoon

The purposes of a honeymoon are evident in the fact that I cannot seem to start blogging regularly. Reality is jarring.
Newly married life is, truly, fantastic. But the moment we “de-planed” (I’ve always found that expression strange. You don’t “plane” to get ON the plane. Anyway…) after our glorious week in the Bahamas, our sun-kissed bodies were swept away by life once again. We were taken back into the folds of routine and the throes of things that happen no matter how recently you’ve been hitched.

The one really different thing about our lives: the wedding is over. It’s this frozen moment of our lives that we both want to keep re-living. But at the same time, it’s a freedom we are both struggling to grasp. We are in the same zip-code. We are married. We completed our registries. I’m close to thank-you mailing. So, we’re moving forward.

I think the purpose of a honeymoon is to allow couples to get back to that place where you can begin to move past the big date and slide back into routine. You spend a week canoodling on the sand and sipping cocktails with salt water in your skin. Or your spend a week flying through wine country with the wind in your hair and your person in the passenger seat. No matter the place, you have that sacred time of togetherness. All seems settled.

And when all seems settled you collect your baggage and go back to it all. Luckily and hopefully, we can use the glow of that week, the bliss of the wedding, and the happy phase we feel right now to keep things in perspective.

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  1. I love the sweet Ler reference....and I LOVE you.