Engagement anniversary!

Popping the question was a big deal for my fiance. The reason I'm sure of this is that he remembers the date of our engagement. We have never been a couple who celebrates the day we met or even the time of year that marks another year of our relationship. He's never been the kind of boyfriend who plans for weeks what he will give me for my birthday. But he's been looking forward to today, the "one-year anniversary of our engagement," for at least a week. It WAS a big deal, and I'm so glad he asked me and that he took my trembling hand that night.

This has been one hell of a year! So far:
• diamond ring + the man of my dreams
• job change
• major consulting job executed
• bathroom remodeled
• side career started and put aside
• one sister graduated from college; another from high school
• move to a new city
• cohabitation
• wedding dress purchased
• great lake vacation and travel with friends
• paralympic champion sister
• yard landscaped
• more friends tie the knot!
• first-ever deer/car collision
• official dog-ownership
• ownership of Grandma Jo's china and Granny's silver (= holy cow I am a grown up)

So, now, unbelieveably, we have 138 days until our first dance as husband and wife. Here's to many more anniversaries to celebrate!

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  1. Aren't we blessed, sweet Sarah? I'll never forget your voice when you called to tell me your big news. You deserve all this happiness and more! ~Lauren